Wednesday, April 17, 2024 

 Work Order  
Receive, issue and complete work orders. Craft person time, vendor charges and part costs can be associated with a work order. Know how much a work order costs and how productive your staff is.
View and print your drawings. Conduct occupancy analysis. Provides space charge back data based on space usage. Create and display seating charts using employee data and drawings. Do stack planning.
Know when to do service. Define procedures and set schedules for any asset. System generates PM work orders automatically. There is a complete work order history for each piece of equipment.
Reserve and schedule rooms for use. You can assign special needs for each reservation. Fully integrated with Work Order and Space, so that rooms can be set up by issuing work orders. Cost and expenses can be attached to a reservation.
Track all information relating to equipment furniture and capital assets. Assets can be classified by type, condition, replacement value and life cycle. Asset Management also provides warranty and service contract management.
Track consumable inventory, usage over time and monitor reorder points. Charge item costs back to departments and work orders. Use Preventive Maintenance and On Demand Work orders to plan consumable inventory usage.
 Key Management  
Who has the key? That is the question to answer. Manage key inventory, who a key is issued to, what keys are not issued. Collect history of every person to whom a particular key has been issued. Keys are mapped to doors or any other kind of lock in your facility.
Track all property that you own or lease so you can manage your portfolio. Know what you own. Get key dates and information to assist with management and negotiations. See all your lease-based cash flow.
Handles individual, department and organization moves. Provides move analysis by department, building, floor and a complete history by date and person moved. Complete churn reporting. Scheduling of moves with integrated updating of Space.
On-line incident management. Track security incidents from occurrence through resolution. Secure Track allows improved safety and security by monitoring all types of incidents including thefts, vandalism and falls. Great for campus security!
Manage parking lots, issue multiple type of parking permits, issue parking tickets. Track by the lot or track by the individual space. Keep track of income from parking permits and fines.
Track visitors to your facility. Know who is in your facility in real time. Visitor Badge maintains a searchable history of all visitors to your facility including date and time of arrival and departure. Visitors can be preregistered based on appointments.