Monday, March 20, 2023 

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Establish FacilityTree Service
We use a fast implementation process so that you can start driving value immediately.

The system can be set up and you can be creating On Demand work orders in as little as 24 hours. Implementation can be done on a module-by-module basis. The order of implementation is determined by your priorities and objectives.

5 Steps to Implementation

Turn the system on

After the contract is signed, the system will be fully functional in 24 hours or less. The modules you have selected will be active at this time but there will be no information in the system.

Configure the system

Add background data. This includes adding the building, floor, room and department data. Other information that may be required will depend on the applications you select. You can enter the data the system requires yourself. For a fee we can provide a series of blank Excel templates that you fill out and we import. Most clients choose to use the Excel templates. They find this to be a very cost-effective choice.

Train users

Training should occur after completion of step 2. You can take advantage of remote web training or on-site training. This can be purchased by the hour to cover a specific topic. For on-site training we will send personnel to your site and train your staff to use FacilityTree in the environment in which they will be working. On-site training is purchased by the day. You may train yourself using the manuals provided with the system.


Modifications can be made to the FacilityTree reports. Custom extensions can be added to the system to fit special requirements. Each modification will be quoted separately.

Additional services

These include drawing maintenance, additional training, data entry and custom applications. Additional services are purchased as a block of time or services can be purchased on an hourly basis. Services are purchased using the FacilityTree Support & Service Level Agreement.