Thursday, September 16, 2021 

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Markets We Serve
Corporate clients include insurance companies, phone centers, research offices or any other facility that require large numbers of people to be managed in a space. Our basic services include On Demand, PM and Asset Management. We also provide Space Management, Move Management, Space Charge Back and Escape Planning services.
FacilityTree is responsive to the needs of K thru 12 schools. We provide Scheduling, specialized Work Order routing to support custom approval processes and custom work analysis to assist with cost accounting and help to analyze productivity.
FacilityTree can help with Environment of Care issues by classifying selected tasks as Environment of Care. This provides reliable reporting for The Joint Commission. FacilityTree keeps work order history to quickly demonstrate that a specific piece of work was done. Work flow can be set up to support the prompt allocation of resources via the use of smart phones.
Higher Education
FacilityTree calculates the Space Resource Allocations and provides required government reporting. We also provide specialized reporting for work resource allocation and cost allocation between buildings and multiple campuses. FacilityTree provides custom work analysis to assist with cost accounting and productivity analysis.
Worship Facilities / Non Profit
FacilityTree helps churches be good stewards of their properties and resources. We track the cost of doing work and provide a process for developing Capital Replacement plans. Churches are reservation intensive organizations. Our scheduling system provides a comprehensive process for allocating space and resources required for reservations and associated activities.
Maintaining God's Assets (M.G.A.)  A Catholic Solution
Maintaining God's Assets is specifically designed for Catholic parishes and dioceses. It provides an easy to use and affordable format that enables parish priests and diocesan officials to save money and provide sound financial stewardship to maintain church facilities.